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This album features a variety of eight cover love songs from Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah with vocal/harp to Harp Solos "Have I Told You Lately" to "A Whole New World".

The selections on this album are intended to warm the heart of the listener and open each of us to others through LOVE, as represented by a butterfly on the cover.
Denise says,

"Music is a Universal Language...Where the Words End...The Music Begins"


Music Video:

“Blessings” (feat. Trez Gregory)


Executive Producer: Denise Fink

Producer/Editor/Photographer of musicians: Robert Murdaugh, In the Box Digital Recordings

Video images provided by: Videvo

Downloaded from:


A special thank you to the vocal artist, Trez Gregory, Sound Engineer Robert Murdaugh from In the Box Studios, Peter Doell, Mastering Engineer from Aftermaster Audio Labs, Amy Gelsone, Director of the Anthony Wayne High School Concert Choir, Natalie Jean, Grammy Voting Member, for her support on Marketing, Dennis Brewster, Webmaster, To my husband, Klaus and our two sons Kristoff & Markus for their love and support while working on this album.

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